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1. Upload your Picture

To apply for a spot on the Ka-Runch Testing Panel, simply show us a picture of how you store your food – drawers & all, tell us in 25 words or less “Why you should be selected for the Ka-Runch Testing Panel?” and fill out your details.

(Don't worry, it's not a beauty contest. We're looking for fridges of all ages, shapes and sizes)

2. Answer this question in 25 words or less

3. Register

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4. Choose your Fridge

If you’re selected as a Ka-Runch Tester, you’ll be responsible for testing one of our ActiveSmart™ technology fridges and sharing your experience.

As a reward for helping us out, we’ll let you keep the fridge! Make sure you choose a fridge to fit your home.

  • E331TRT2
    Top Mount Fridge E331TRT2
  • E372BRE4
    Bottom Mount Fridge E372BRE4
  • E381TRT2
    Top Mount Fridge E381TRT2
  • E402BRE4
    Bottom Mount Fridge E402BRE4
  • E402BRX4
    Bottom Mount Fridge E402BRX4
  • E402BRXFD4
    Bottom Mount Fridge E402BRXFD4
  • E411TRT2
    Top Mount Fridge E411TRT2
  • E411TRX2
    Top Mount Fridge E411TRX2
  • E440TRT3
    Top Mount Fridge E440TRT3
  • E440TRX3
    Top Mount Fridge E440TRX3
  • E442BRE4
    Bottom Mount Fridge E442BRE4
  • E442BRX4
    Bottom Mount Fridge E442BRX4
  • E442BRXFD4
    Bottom Mount Fridge E442BRXFD4
  • E442BRXFDU4
    Bottom Mount Fridge E422BRXFDU4
  • E521TRT3
    Top Mount Fridge E521TRT3
  • E521TRX3
    Top Mount Fridge E521TRX3
  • E522BRE4
    Bottom Mount Fridge E522BRE4
  • E522BRX4
    Bottom Mount Fridge E522BRX4
  • E522BRXFD4
    Bottom Mount Fridge E522BRXFD4
  • E522BRXFDU4
    Bottom Mount Fridge E522BRXFDU4
  • E522BRXU4
    Bottom Mount Fridge E522BRXU4
  • RB90S64MKIW1
    CoolDrawer™ RB90S64MKIW1
  • RF522ADUSX4
    French Door Fridge RF522ADUSX4
  • RF522ADX4
    French Door Fridge RF522ADX4
  • RF522WDRUX4
    Door Drawer Fridge RF522WDRUX4
  • RF522WDRX4
    Door Drawer Fridge RF522WDRX4
  • RF610ADUSX4
    French Door Fridge RF610ADUSX4
  • RF610ADX4
    French Door Fridge RF610ADX4